I decorated my home with fall-themed items from Dollarama this year, and to my surprise, it actually looks pretty good!

Plus, the total was less than $25, which goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your space.

Now that the leaves are changing colour, the air is turning chilly, pumpkin spice is everywhere and autumn is upon us, it’s time to start decorating for the season.

But this year, I decided to switch up my seasonal routine and see if I could bring some autumnal ambience into my home with items from Dollarama while staying on a strict budget.

So, I set a limit of $25 total — includingtax — for myself and headed out to my local store to shop for fall Dollarama home decor.

Here are six Dollarama products for fall, including Thanksgiving and Halloween items, that I bought for less than $25 altogether and how I decorated my home with them for the season!

Thanksgiving chalkboard sign

Thanksgiving chalkboard sign from Dollarama.

Thanksgiving chalkboard sign from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

This little Thanksgiving A-frame sign — with pumpkins in a wagon and “Give Thanks” on one side and a chalkboard on the other side — costs $4.50 at Dollarama.

After buying it and bringing it home, I found that it could actually look good in a lot of places.

But I decided to put it on a shelf that I have for my record player, vinyls, books, photos and knickknacks.

Since it’s just a plain white shelf, adding this fall-themed sign brought in some colour and autumn vibes.

Throw pillow and plush pumpkin

\u200bHalloween throw pillow and plush pumpkin from Dollarama.

Halloween throw pillow and plush pumpkin from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

This Halloween throw pillow — with a “boo” jack-o-lantern on one side and black and orange stripes on the other — costs $5 at Dollarama.

When I saw the pillow on the shelf at the store, I knew it was a must-buy to decorate my home for the season so I grabbed it and put it in my basket right away.

Then, at home, I put it on the bench I have in the entryway so there’s an autumnal ambience right when I walk in the door, but it looked a bit odd all on its own.

So, I added the plush plaid pumpkin that costs $2 at Dollarama next to the pillow on the bench.

The pumpkin comes in different colours, including different shades of orange along with black and white, but I chose to buy the red and black pumpkin to mix up the colours a bit.

Felt fall leaves

\u200bFelt fall leaves from Dollarama.

Felt fall leaves from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

These felt cutouts in the shape of fall leaves, which come in a pack of 20, cost $1.25 at Dollarama.

I’m not much of a crafter, and that’s what I assumed these felt cutouts were meant for, but they were really festive so I bought a pack anyway.

Honestly, I was a bit stumped on where to put these leaves that would actually look good.

I spotted an antique-looking picture frame I already had on a credenza next to a few candles.

So, I took the photo out of the frame, put some of the cutouts onto the glass, put the photo mat back in and placed the frame back on the sideboard.

It looks like leaf pressings but took much less work!

While it might’ve looked better with a black background in the frame, the leaves still bring fall vibes to the room.

Pumpkins and pinecones

\u200bMini pumpkins and a pinecone from Dollarama.

Mini pumpkins and a pinecone from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

This pack of seven mini pumpkins and pinecones at Dollarama costs $2.50.

Since there were quite a few pumpkins and pinecones in the pack, I decided to split them up and use them in different spots around my home.

I put two pumpkins and one pinecone on the TV stand next to a leather-bound notebook and a couple of books that have red and orange hues to add even more autumnal ambiance.

More pumpkins and pinecones

\u200bMini pumpkins and pinecones from Dollarama.

Mini pumpkins and pinecones from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

Then, I used the rest of the pumpkins and pinecones to make a centrepiece for the kitchen table, which is also my workspace.

Since it’s a white table with a white candle holder and a white candle, it really needed to be jazzed up for the autumn season!

Placing the mini pumpkins and pinecones around the candle holder that I already had definitely made it feel more fall-like.

Fall leaves and flowers bundle

\u200bFall leaves and flowers bundle from Dollarama.

Fall leaves and flowers bundle from Dollarama.

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

This fall bundle of artificial flowers and leaves includes sunflowers, maple leaves, twigs and more and costs $5 at Dollarama.

It’s meant to be a hanging decor piece for the season that you’d put on a front door or on a wall inside your home.

But I decided to put the fall-themed bundle between two oversized candle holders that I have on the coffee table instead of hanging it somewhere.

Total cost

Now that the autumnal decorating is done, let’s take a look at the total cost of this fall refresh.

Here’s the price breakdown of what each Dollarama product:

  • Thanksgiving chalkboard sign — $4.50
  • Halloween pumpkin pillow — $5
  • plush pumpkin — $2
  • felt fall leaves, pack of 20 — $1.25
  • mini pumpkins and pinecones, pack of seven — $2.50
  • fall flowers and leaves bundle — $5

The total of all those items before tax came out to $20.25, but after tax was applied to the purchase, I ended up paying $22.88 at Dollarama.

So, even though I didn’t buy a lot of Dollarama products, I was still able to decorate a bunch of spots in my home for fall.

Plus, it was all done without spending more than $25!

If you have a smaller home, you could make your entire space very autumnal with just a few products.

Even if you have a bigger home, you could spend the same amount of money but spread out the decor all over so every room has a seasonal touch without breaking the bank!

These prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.


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