Speaking about the upcoming trends in the industry, Sunday’s Gautam Baid states, “We are looking forward to develop an outdoor range of furniture as that will be an immediate requirement which again is underserved at this point in India”

The home décor industry has changed especially post covid since people have started investing more in interiors as WFH has become normal. What’s your take on this shift?

During the last few years, during covid people didn’t travel and also spent a lot of time at home. This allowed them time to revisit what matters and the importance of their living spaces. Customers have started to pay heed to investing their time and resources in making their home environment a space where they feel happy and productive as well. We would want to help them create a space where every day feels like a SUNDAY.

What are your key learnings as an entrepreneur? 

You need to be ready to learn every day. Even if you have been running a company for a while or have multiple successful ventures, the day you think you know it all is the day you stop your own growth. 

The Indian furniture industry has some specific challenges which I wanted to address. While spending the last few years; having the time to be introspective about my existing business, in the furniture space I realised there was a big piece missing in the Indian furnishings and home décor space. 

I realised, there was no furniture or home décor brand out of India which had a global appeal and presence. I brought together a team of like-minded people who wanted to create something made in India and designed from all over the world. The Europeans have been pioneers in furniture design. Like in clothing design-cut matters, in furniture it is about the ergonomics. 

What I like to build is a brand which not only serves a purpose but also becomes a lifestyle. Sunday is not just a furniture brand, I want this to be a lifestyle brand. 

What were your challenges and how did you overcome them? 

With Sunday, the challenge we are facing is that within the first five months we have reached where we envisioned being in a year. The pace is rapid, and the challenge is to keep up and deliver the vision and the promise we have made. We now know, as a proof of concept, this is something that will work. We now need to take the brand out there, with scale, to the right target audience.  We realised this is a white space where everybody is either stacked up at the top or the bottom. 

What is the size of the home decor industry? 

The home décor industry is currently very fragmented, a big part of the industry is served by the unorganised sector. It is now rapidly moving towards consolidation but in a country as vast as India it takes time. We are trying to develop a brand which serves a segment not catered to so far. We are making good design more accessible.

How has the home decor industry changed in last five years? 

Brands like Ikea coming into the market has helped. What Amazon did to online delivery, Ikea is doing for furniture and home décor. The last-mile delivery and installation workforce will be developed as an infrastructure which as a small individual company no one could do so far.

What are the changes observed in the customers? 

The target audience we are catering to is evolving very fast due to travel and the internet. They are now understanding more about what design is and the role ergonomics plays in it. 

What are some of the trends that you have observed for upcoming season?

We are looking forward to develop an outdoor range of furniture as that will be an immediate requirement which again is underserved at this point in India. 


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